I’m Back!

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This set of articles has been dark for a while, but I am going to be on again.  Since I am blogging for others, I might as well write for my own URL too.

So, what has been happening for the past several years? Hm, [ruminate, ruminate], not much and a heck of a lot.  I guess everybody can relate to that.  Not much in that I have been playing a lot of solitaire games, and a lot in that I am pursuing my art.  With another couple of dozen nightlight designs under my belt, I am placing them in various retail venues.   I pursued a Southwest corporation, but their price point made no sense for us.  And I cannot compete with Native labor.  Not that they’re doing exactly the same thing as I am, but Southwest designs painted on agate slices versus a greater variety of designs cut of oak and adhered to agate slices is sort of in a similar vein.  My Winchester Mystery House seems to be doing well in their gift shop, and the Campbell Water Tower in moving (amongst other designs) at Socialights.  This week I will join in with the Farmer’s Market on Campbell Avenue as an outdoor extension of Socialights.  I am excited.

I have two retaining clients for Upstart Services: a Vietnamese lawyer for whom I wrote copy for her website, continue to write letters to lawyers/clients, and have developed a couple of templates;and  a financial planner with a great idea of how to use the money you put away in a holding vehicle to make it grow even faster for whom I am blogging, writing White Papers and creating email blasts that will be read.  These are both good uses of my creativity and both give me joy.

I am teaching/tutoring many clients through an on-line matching agency.  My most recent starters are all Japanese, so I get a chance to practice that and they can criticize in their target language, English.  Practicing for Karaoke with one for a summer festival to have all join together to sing and laugh.  The only thing different from our classes will be the venue and a more formalized singing.  We are all laughing all the time.

I spoke with both my brothers on Sunday.  It was good to reconnect.  One will be visiting me this weekend.  Yay!

I am involved with two different wellness businesses.  I have been driving to Albuquerque about every two or three months since September 2013 for sales workshops and to develop relationships with the corporate people. This month I will go on a journey with others to Salt Lake City for a sales convention.  This will be an interesting experience.  I am so used to driving and stopping on a whim that coordinating those stops with others may be a challenge, but I’m up to the try.

So that’s my catchup.  If you want to hear more details, call me.

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Sometimes it just doesn’t pay to open your door

July 16, 2011 at 4:37 pm (Rant) ()

I finally have the alarm actually working again — after months of not working while being paid for — so opening the door in the morning to bring in the paper can be exciting and alarming!  [Haha, that’s a pun.  Get it?]

But lately, the newspaper is just too depressing to read.  The yellow press in England is nearly tangerine with hacking a dead girl’s telephone account for clues as to why she’s dead and who made her dead.  Ex-Bombay — now Mumbai, but what’s the difference?  It’s still very, very crowded and dirty — has bombs going off in public places.  Our President is pleading with Republicans to listen to their constituency but they can’t because they are running for their political lives from the freaking Tea Party, panting on their tails for anything that smells even a bit of liberal giving in to reality and reason, so the debt ceiling will not be raised and I will lose my social security — again!  The economy is screaming from being squeezed and so are the 10% or more of us who are out of work.  Some days bringing your head out from under the covers doesn’t pay.

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Sometimes there’s just nothing to write about

June 10, 2011 at 11:08 am (Thinking By Keyboard) (, , )

When that happens — nothing to write about — a writer just has to take the reins in her teeth, pull out both six-guns, and ride hard toward the horizon hoping that something will pop up its silly head as a target.  Once you reach that mesa in the distance, if there’s still nothing going on, maybe — if the horse is not too winded and you are not too dismayed — you just turn around and ride back along the path you came in on, again and still hoping that something will start to track you so that you can stay on track to the target, whatever that might happen to turn out to be.

Maybe I can take this time to talk about motivation.  I just got a call from one of my student’s mother who is quite disappointed that her daughter seems less than motivated to read.  They just took a 10-day vacation to a family reunion, but the reading was supposed to take place during transport that might be boring otherwise.  But I just returned home on an airplane myself, and I wasn’t bored by it all.  I love take-offs and landings.  Maybe the young girl was distracted from her book by what was outside the window.

So how can I motivate her into wanting to do the reading for herself?  How can I get her to drink the water I lead her to?  Man, oh, man.  I want her to be a happy child, full of information and excited about all her opportunities available.  To get there, she needs to do the mundane multiplication tables and read the words that fit her age group, and not be shy to do either of those things in public.  What can I do?

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